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Moving home appliances whilst relocating to a new apartment or house is certainly not an easy task. Aside from being time consuming, their huge sizes typically make it impossible to carry out the task without help. Appliances such as refrigerators need to be handled very carefully. Therefore, if you have intentions of relocating to a new apartment, or you want to nyc travel tips your fridge for any reason, ensure that you get somebody to help you or hire moving companies NYC to help you perform the task. Risks whilst moving home appliances like refrigerators typically come in the form of damages to fragile internal components. Thus, ensure that you avoid bumpy or uneven rides whilst moving your refrigerator from one place to another.

<p> Before you Move your Refrigerator<p><p> Remove all of the items in your refrigerator. Defrost your fridge at least six hours before you move it. Take out all the shelves, trays plus other removable components from your fridge and pack them in a separate place. Turn off the power source and remove the power cable from its socket. Fasten the door of your refrigerator using a cord or rope. Do not utilize a tape because it can ruin the finish of your refrigerator or might leave a residue. If possible, you should get a dolly, because moving a fridge on a dolly is an extremely safe alternative. You can hire a dolly from any home improvement store in your locality.<p><p> Safest Way To Move a Fridge<p><p> The finest and safest way to transport your fridge is to transport it in a standing position. If you need to move the refrigerator a short distance or down/up the staircase, the best method is to get two or three strong individuals to carry the fridge. When carrying your fridge, ensure that it is not tilted too much. If your new place is only a couple of blocks away, you can use a dolly to move your fridge. Lift the fridge and slowly position it on the appliance dolly. After that, roll the dolly to the new place. If your new place is far away, you should hire a truck to transport it to your new apartment. While doing so, ensure that your fridge is in a standing position.<p><p> After Moving Your Refrigerator<p><p> After your fridge has been moved to your new place, make sure it is positioned upright. You should leave it standing for at least two or three hours before you plug it into a power outlet. You can find additional information about relocating to a new apartment or house by visiting nyc moving tips.<p><p>